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1/19/06 04:03 pm



                                       .I WANT THAT SPLIFF.

1/9/06 08:28 pm - hey, does your dog eat diamond pet food?

if so PLEASE read .this.


12/8/05 12:02 pm - now i bring you with the help of wimp.com,

Merry Fartmas 

10/8/05 05:15 am - all i can taste is brocolli...

<td> <table border="0" width="450" bgcolor="#000000">
As a child...
You were force-fed broccoli smoothies
How did it mess you up?
You say 'that's hot' more than 3 times a day
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9/15/05 02:44 pm - DUCKMAN



9/10/05 02:12 pm - ode to cunts that shall remain name-less

Im a whiner that whines

Im a loser that loses

Im the fat chick that everyone ignores

because you all know i never have anything smart to say

even the people below me dont like me

and theres nothing i can do about it.

my apologies mean nothing

and thats never been more clear.

but i dont even know why knowing what she thinks matters to me

because she never really liked me anyway

cuz im not gothier than thou like the rest of her friends.

atleast im not trying to be someone im not

squeezing my ass into clothes that dont fit me

getting a swollen head, thinking im hot

gallavanting around like queen shit

making those around me gaze apon my lumpy ass

forcing them to vom-it.


11/20/04 09:29 pm - what else should i say? everyone is gay...

"Again amongst the water or tears from rubbing I open then look up to the sky away from the sun and forget about stupid fucking little squishy things moving on the outer layer of my eyes the close up blood cells in my eye lids and I stare at the sky with perifial vision and not trying but just happening to make out all kinds of faces objects statues in the clouds and I can do the same with the wood grain of the panelling on my walls.

once I saw jesus on a torilla shell"--Kurt Cobain


9/16/04 02:00 pm

What kind of monster are you?
by EvilFrank
MonsterInbred Cannibal
Created ByCloning Mishap
DwellingThe Cellar
Total Victims916
Killed ByKilled? Yeah, right . . .
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3/1/04 06:07 pm

© show some heart ©

Self-Injury: You are NOT the only one.

Monday, March 1, 2004 is SI Awareness Day.

9/21/03 08:35 pm - ::FRIENDS ONLY::


Sadness is all I've ever known.
Inside my retched body it's grown.
It has eaten me away, to what the fuck I am today.
There's nothing left for me to say.
There's nothing there for me to hate.
There's no feelings, and there's no thoughts.
My body's left to fucking rot.
Life sucks, life sucks, life sucks, life sucks.

It has been fucking this way, since my fucking waking day.
To this fucking land of waste.
We're worked, erased, and then replaced.
Boredom has taken over my brain.
Chilled the blood inside my veins
Left me in this place insane.
All in sickness and in pain.
Life sucks, life sucks, life sucks, life sucks.

Everyday we gotta rot away in school
I'm feeling like a fucking fool
I HATE EVERYONE, they all hate me in return.
People bitching off my ear.
I can no longer fucking hear.
Nothing ever goes my way.
And it's never fucking gonna change.
Life sucks, life sucks, life sucks, life sucks
I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate my life!
I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate my life!

::I Don't suggest anyone whose "happy" read this Blog.::

::I'm Totally fucking serious, Bitches:::
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