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Birthday blues

Im just not in the mood or feel good about the fact that its my bday... horray.. 
i dunno... i just dont see it being fun at all, i woke up alone and been alone all day im
goin to the hospital in a bit and i guess i'll see ma familia there but whatever...
ugh... i miss Cass and everybody... and keriann and shawn her bf im definatley gonna call them...
see what theyre doozin... probley busy... i dunno.. 

one plan tonite might be to hang around with mike tonite and maybe get him to drop me off in toronto
at linda and jamies so im there for tomarrow so she can get shoppin and stuff done i dunno it just means i 
cant really get my drink on tonight... but maybe thats a good thing...?

oh well its Shaun Morgans Birthday today too so im posting a picture of him

Happy birthday!

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